With a clip here and a snip there, Mike Mahoney has managed to gather a most impressive array of quotations, gleaned from books, magazines, and newspapers over many years. In this effort, he has taken time to peer into the lives of those individuals most people might not find interesting or worthy of attention. However, Mike has found nuggets of truth, wisdom, history, humor, passion, and a host of other emotions in even the most innocent words spoken by the famous and the unknown alike.
- Susan Goodrich Giffin, author and editor, August 2008

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Upon graduation from college in 1952, J. Michael Mahoney worked briefly for the federal government before spending four years in the Air Force. Upon discharge, he began work as a journalist, first in Ohio and then Georgia, with a two-year hiatus as a foreign correspondent in Africa.

It was while working as a journalist in Georgia that the author developed his abiding interest in psychology, having been assigned to do some reporting in that field. Fortunate circumstances enabled him to take early retirement, and he has devoted his full attention since 1966 to doing research in that field.He now lives in Northern California and has three children and five grandchildren.

Mr. Mahoney is also the author of Schizophrenia -- The Bearded Lady Disease, and the poem XCIRCUM.

www.schizophreniathebeardedladydisease.com www.xcircum.com